Why choose an independent celebrant?

By choosing to have your ceremony conducted by an independent celebrant you are choosing the freedom to have the type of ceremony you want without any of the usual restrictions.

Your ceremony can incorporate all the elements you wish to include such as religious readings, poetry, music and there are no time restrictions.

You can have your ceremony at any time of the day and in any location you wish. For instance, a candlelit, night-time ceremony creates a wonderfully romantic atmosphere, and these ceremonies are becoming more and more popular.

The location of your ceremony can be anywhere you choose. You can have it outdoors, in a favourite beauty spot, at your home or on a beautiful beach or at a venue, there are endless possibilities and it is entirely up to you.

For weddings you will need to complete the legal process at a register office, for your marriage to be recognised in law and to obtain your marriage certificate.  It is possible to have a quiet, small ceremony to undertake the legal formalities prior to your special day.

Ask for the smallest ceremony and explain you only want two witnesses present.  This can be done by contacting your local Register Office and this should be done in plenty of time to allow for any waiting time they have to book an appointment.  Please check with your local Register Office.


What is the process

Simply contact me and we can have a chat about the ceremony you would like. I will take some information from you (proposed date for the ceremony, venue, contact details etc.) and then we can arrange to meet to have a more in-depth discussion about your ceremony. This is usually best conducted at your ceremony venue/location.

If you decide to choose me as your celebrant, we will begin our journey together as I create a truly unique and meaningful ceremony like no other.

At this point a deposit will then be required to secure the date in my diary and I shall also require a completed Booking Form.   I will then write your story and choregraph your ceremony incorporating all the special little touches you have chosen for your special day.