Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is an evocative and dignified ceremony, which allows adult couples, of any gender, to publicly declare their life-long commitment and love for each other.

This ceremony can be similar to other wedding celebrations, the difference being that it is not a legally binding ceremony, it is simply an affirmation, publicly, of a couple’s love and their dedication to each other.

The ceremony can be a wonderful occasion, shared with friends and family and personal to you. You have the freedom to choose any readings, music, vows and promises you wish to make to each other and any other elements you wish to include. Rings can be exchanged, and other symbolic rituals can be incorporated into your ceremony if you wish. The choice of venue is also entirely up to you.

As with all couples’ ceremonies, I will write a bespoke ceremony unique to you which focuses on your commitment and love for each other.

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