1. The Colours

No-one can deny that this country is at its most beautiful in the autumn. Mother nature comes into her own and decorates our countryside with the most amazing spectrums of colour. The early morning mists, tinting the world around us in pale lilac, and pinks as the sun shines through and lights up the dew- covered lawns, parks, and fields, creating wonderful auras and atmospheric scenes. Perfect for those pre wedding “getting ready” photographs.

I particularly love the way the beautiful autumnal light changes throughout the day, lighting up all the colours of the leaves on the trees and the ground around them. If you choose a venue or location with a lot of trees, you have got a ready- made colour scheme for your wedding! Your bridesmaid dresses could follow the autumnal theme, with lovely dark reds, deep purples, or earthy terracotta. Or you could choose rose golds or rich oranges. All these vibrant colours would really complement a beautiful ivory wedding dress!

2. Your flowers

You can feature autumn flowers into all your bouquets, buttonholes, etc. Late summer roses, chrysanthemums, dahlias, Japanese lanterns, all in their warm autumn hues. There are a multitude of berries available too – rosehips, cotoneaster, little crab apples, acorns, horse chestnuts. All bound together with beautiful autumn leaves and foliage. Stunning! All these effervescent colours will enrich your photographs with energy and radiance, making them even more spectacular!

3. Your wedding décor

Decorating a venue or location in autumn is easy! It is such a bountiful time! If you have trees surrounding your location, hang fairy lights or lanterns among the branches to illuminate the beautiful colours of the leaves, giving an ethereal woodland atmosphere. Use vines, apples, pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, acorns, and spiced or citrus candles to decorate your tables, creating a spectacular, colourful, and sensory display for you and your guests to enjoy. Hop vines with their own earthy, sweet scent are available in the autumn and would add a rustic look to any floral display. Imagine a floral arch decorated with all this autumn bounty!

4. The weather

The weather can be surprisingly mild in the autumn. We very often experience an “Indian summer” with warm sunny days. But its easy to plan for cooler days. Bride and bridesmaids can have pretty wraps or little bolero type jackets to match dresses and keep out the chill. The groom, best man, and ushers can look very chic in on-trend tweed, which lends itself to autumn colours and provides some extra warmth for cooler temperatures. Your guests will certainly choose their outfits with the cooler weather in mind. Your venue may have a welcoming log fire, the smell, crackle, and glow of burning wood adding to the atmosphere of this magnificent season! And, it is very romantic! If you choose to have an outdoor ceremony, you could provide cosy blankets for your guests, sheepskins draped over seating for added warmth and comfort and large firepits for you and your guests to gather around.

5. The light

On autumnal days, the sun is lower in the sky, casting long shadows, making the light softer and allowing your photographer to capture some beautiful pictures of you and your guests, particularly outside. The sun sets earlier at this time of year so there are glowing orange skys, harvest moons, dramatic clouds which all make for great photographic backdrops!

6. The Harvest.

This is such a bountiful season! Apple, pear, and plum trees are in fruit, blackberries are in abundance, pumpkins and other squash are plentiful as are all manner of other fruits and vegetables. So why not be seasonal when deciding on your wedding feast? The chef will have some fabulous recipes and ideas and will love using produce that is in season. Your guests will love it too!

Autumn is my favourite season – it is the most glorious time of year, and you can use its splendour to have an utterly amazing wedding. So, embrace all it has to offer. After all, what other season offers such diversity, abundance, and magnificence?

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Here in Britain we tend to choose the spring and summer months for our weddings. These months are warmer, the days are longer, and the weather is more reliable – hopefully! But there are a lot of good reasons to consider having your wedding in the autumn instead.

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