Well, no-one saw this coming! And as far as weddings are concerned, it’s left us all up in the air! Many of you who planned your wedding this year have had to postpone or even cancel your big day after the government’s decision to suspend all ceremonies from the start of the lockdown back in March.

So, what are the government saying now?

Well, the good news is that they have said that they are “intending” to ease restrictions from the 1st June, including allowing people to “gather in slightly larger groups to enable small wedding ceremonies.” It seems certain that the Government will limit the number of people who may attend your wedding, and this restriction may be in place for quite some time. So as a couple, what can you do? You don’t want to postpone till next year, you still want to have a 2020 wedding but you may not be able to have as many guests as you originally planned, or even the venue you wanted. Don’t worry! All is not lost! You can still have a wonderful day; you just need to scale down! There are many advantages to having a smaller wedding.

Small, less extravagant, more intimate weddings are very on-trend now with many more couples choosing to break with convention and get married with only their close family and friends around them. Having a small celebrant-led ceremony, scripted and designed to be an expression of who you are can be truly beautiful and you can still have special elements such as gorgeous flowers and a photographer to catch all those memorable moments. A smaller guest list also gives you the opportunity to have only the people you really want there with you. You don’t have to invite the guy from work that nobody likes but he’s part of your team, so you feel obliged to invite him, you now how the perfect excuse not to!

If hotels and wedding venues remain closed, you may need to think about alternative venues.
This sounds daunting, but it really isn’t! Think about the possibility of an outdoor wedding or you could even consider having your ceremony in your own home now that you don’t have to accommodate lots of guests. A wedding celebration conducted by a celebrant means you can have your ceremony anywhere you choose, there are no rules! Look out for my next blog for some ideas for unusual and alternative locations for your ceremony.

And – look on the bright side, you can use all the money you’ve saved to plan a future celebration when life gets back to normal. Maybe even a renewal of your vows on your 1st anniversary!


As lockdown is lifted and weddings are restricted to small groups, maybe an intimate wedding could be the answer

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