Why choose a Celebrant?

Did you know that in England legal ceremonies have to happen at a licenced venue?  This can really restrict couples choices.  You can’t just get married in a beautiful woodland surrounded by whispering trees, or marry with the waves lapping at your feet.

Even in a licenced venue a legal, registrar-led ceremony is very restrictive.  The words you must say are legally binding so it allows very little chance to personalise them.  You also have to have any music you want playing approved by the registrar, it can’t contain any words with religious connotations….so if you want a nod to your religion in the music that won’t be allowed.

Finally many registrar’s have strict rules on photography and videography.  Most celebrants really understand the importance of the photos and video to help capture such a special moment forever and we actively work with your team to get the best for you.

Your perfect celebration should be as unique as you are......

More and more couples these days are choosing to legally marry in a very small ceremony before having a celebrant-led wedding.............

This allows them the freedom to have a completely personalised ceremony and celebrate what makes them and their relationship unique.

Why Me?

This is always the toughest bit isn’t it! It feels a bit weird to talk about yourself in a ‘pick me!’ kind of way!

All I will say is that I have come in to this profession with a real passion to help people have the best ceremony for them.  I love working with my couples to craft them a personal, perfect moment. I always want to make sure everything runs smoothly and my couples happiness is at the heart of everything I do.